History of 100 E. Main

R. D. Harris owned this lot in 1878 and had a one-story store. In 1880, he and partner W. A. Taliaferro had a two-story building constructed to house their grocery store. By 1884, they sold their interest to A. J. Nelson, who operated a furniture and crockery business. In 1896, a confectionery and printing press was downstairs, with offices on the second floor. After Nelson died, his son J. A. joined with S. L. Landrum and J. D. Robertson to move the Round Rock Broom Factory into this building from across the street. The Broom Factory brought Round Rock widespread recognition, especially after their entry won a Gold Medal at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. The Broom Factory was one of the town's major employers. It operated at this site until a fire in 1911, when the company moved south to near the railroad tracks. For more than 50 years, an auto garage operated in this location, from the City Garage in 1928 to the Foster Garage in 1962 and Robinson Auto Service up to 1978.